Cloud Governance made easily

Orchestrate your cloud securely, cost-efficiently and user-friendly.

Our product CloudSandboxes removes unused resources in your Azure environment, while leaving your existing goverance tools untouched.

In the Morning
  • Developers start with a greenfield


Developers use a sandbox environment to experiment with the newest Azure Resources like Machine Learning, Bots, SQL Server 2019 and BlockChain. They only need an empty subscription or resource group to start.

During the Day
  • Experimenting and testing takes place


After testing developers might remove their resources, although many resources become orphan. These resources are unknown to their creator or their function. Our solution will identify and discard these resources every evening. Unique of our tool is that it is fully SaaS based.

During the Evening
  • Discarding of orphan resources


To save on your Azure costs with our governance tool, you only have to create an App registation. Our tool uses this registration to identify and discard the resources in your Azure subscriptions or resources groups.

CloudSandboxes Activation Form.

Collect first your Azure AAD settings as instructed at Instructions

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