Now it is possible to organize
your one-day resources
in the CloudSandboxes environment.
Save up to 80%


To manage resources created during a demo, you need to keep track on them. Create these one-day resources in a sandbox environment. CloudSandboxes will organize the closing after each working day.


Quality asks for cloud certified employees. Preparation for exams should be done in a save and cheap sandbox solution. The created resources for this purpose are neatly cleaned up by CloudSandboxes.


An architect will experiment with cloud resources before they become part of a user story. Use these temporarily resources in a sandbox solution. They will not clutter dev and test environments. CloudSandboxes will safely close only your one-day resources.


New employees are prepared during their onboarding program. They need to practice and upgrade their cloud knowledge, in a controlled learning environment. CloudSandboxes will take care of the used one-day resources when their working day is over.

Sales excellence

To be successful when applying for new projects as a cloud consultant, you have to identify yourself with your customer. You will be able to get familiar with your client by recreating the customer resources in a sandbox environment. CloudSandboxes offers you the best possibility.

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CloudSandboxes has no restrictions on its use. You can use CloudSandboxes to manage all your one-day resources.

About CloudSandboxes

By installing CloudSandboxes you create a sub-environment in your cloud. Here users have the possibility to create their one-day resources in their sole discretion without worrying about safety and cost control. They will get the freedom and focus to try, use and experiment as much as they like since their environment is shielded and costs are maximized to one day. All resources within CloudSandboxes will be automatically closed and nobody has to worry about unnecessary costs or impact on their production environment.

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IT cloud cost optimization isn’t just about cutting costs — it’s about spending more on the right resources to maximize values. Start right now with CloudSandboxes.

Save up to 80% on your spending of short-use resources by using CloudSandboxes.

CloudSandboxes automatically closes your one-day resources and the cost item will be reduced by 80%

Microsoft approved application

CloudSandboxes has been listed in the Azure Marketplace by Microsoft. Microsoft does an extensive check on all applications listed in the marketplace.

Check out the Marketplace for more information

Track your savings

Getting insights in cost savings is now even easier. With our management dashboard the total amount of saving is displayed on a per day/month/year basis. This makes it easy to track savings for your business.