The safe playground for Azure users

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    • Free-accessible playground on Azure
    • Daily managed and maintained
    • 100% control
    • Dummy-proof
    • 24/7 access to a creative workplace
    • No complex dashboards
    • Big data and cloud-native driven
    • 100% flexible and safe playground
    • A protected workspace
    • Always ready to use
    • Big multi-user discount
    • Fully automated
    • Kickstart your digital transformation
    • Pay-per-use optimally leveraged
    • Clear overview
    • Pause subscription whenever you want

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CloudSandboxes is the only playground-app in the world that is fully integrated in your existing cloud environment. CloudSandboxes uses a subenvironment which inherits all security and compliancy policies.

Users have the freedom to try, use and experiment without limitations.

The playground environment is contained and payments for resources are maximized to a day.


Practise for your Microsoft certification exams by creating Azure resources in your own playground. All resources will be automatically closed, to lower your cloud bill and to keep your workplace tidy.


Try-out new Azure resources like Databricks, Machine Learning workspaces, SQL Datalake, Azure Blockchain, Azure Sentinel, Azure Bicep in a safe playground. Explore these resources without disturbing your production and development environments.


Pay-per-use should not be expensive. Resources which are not used anymore should thus be removed automatically. Although the monthly costs of single resources are small, an accumulation of resources results in a large fraction of budget you have trown away.

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€ 24,99 per month ex VAT

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Product Details

  • A monthly subscription for 1 person
  • Stop and pause whenever you want
  • A confirmation email will be send within 10 minutes with instructions to access the application
  • Free Azure support for 2 hours by an experienced Azure consultant
  • Contact details for the Azure consultancy department are provided in the confirmation email

Microsoft approved application

CloudSandboxes has been listed as approved application in the Azure Marketplace.

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